Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Looking for another cool website to buy Mother's Day gifts, or a little something for yourself?

I recently got this cool garden tote bag with my monogram from RedEnvelope.
I am so ready for gardening season. 
If this rain would ever stop!

My gardens are filled with weeds but the leaves are starting to bloom and color is starting to pop up here and there. 

I have my eye on a few more coordinating pieces…….

Because looking good in the garden is a must, ha ha!
Oh, I am also drooling over this live succulent wreath:

Besides gardening items, RedEnvelope has a ton of super cool items for you and your home.
Check it out right here.


Monday, April 21, 2014

~paper moon shop giveaway~

~a note from Mary of Paper Moon Shop~

Paper Moon Shop came up with a new line of personalized favor bags for fun summer parties!  This spring a bride came to us and asked for personalized favor bags with the bride and groom's names to decorate their reception table. They tied a special treat inside for each of their guests to take home.   We thought thought this was going to be a one time thing.  Weeks later another customer was throwing a big 60th birthday bash in Oregon's wine country.  Guests were coming from all over the U.S. to celebrate.  So, the hostess wanted to give those attending a special memento when they returned to their hotel rooms after a day of wine tasting and birthday dinner.  Paper Moon Shop created a personalized "thank you" bags.  The hostess had a great time filling the bag with wine openers, healthy snacks and plenty of aspirin!  The hotel graciously put the favor bags on each guests pillows that evening.  Paper Moon Shop just had to add this new product idea to our selection of note cards and labels www.papermoonshop.com.

The favor bags allow you to fill and tie with your own personal touch. The bags can be used for a number of occasions like weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, showers, teacher appreciation, hostess gifts, anniversary parties… the skies the limit for customers to make their parties extra special. 

We think another fun idea this summer would be to fill the "VINTAGE JAR" designed bag with homemade summer berry jam!  A perfect gift for neighbors and friends.  

For the Fourth of July we also think adding child safe fire works into a "CHEERS" favor bag and tying with a red white and blue ribbon would be a fantastic touch.  With graduation around the corner filling one of the "CHEERS" favor bags with a gift card and a memento to their future college would be a fun way to celebrate the graduate.  

Thank you Mary for this generous giveaway which 
includes a $50.00 Paper Moon Shop gift certificate .  Simply go to www.papermoonshop.com and "PIN" one (or two) items on Pinterest.  Each item on the website has a "PIN" button.  Simply click on it then come back here and leave me a comment which one[s} you pinned!

I will pick a winner and announce back here on Friday.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

~happy Easter weekend~

How old do you have to be to stop getting Easter baskets?
I say you are never too old for a basket filled with candy!

This year I stuffed these giant buckets from Ikea full of goodies.
I got some cute stuffed bunnies at World Market and a lot of candy from peeps.

The girl version:

 And the boy version:
 I also added old fashioned sodas from World Market,
 and the giant paper eggs are filled with fun goodies. 
They are from Ikea.
 Now I just need to find a place to hide these giant buckets……

Have a relaxing and fun filled Easter weekend friends!
I will be back Monday with a giveaway.


Friday, April 18, 2014

~pillow cover winner & 3 more EAT signs~

We have a winner for the 6 wilson pillow cover giveaway!
Thank you to all who entered.
The winner is Teresa who writes the blog Magazine Your Home.
Teresa said she likes the classic blue and white.
Cannot wait to see what you pick out!

 I had a few more people asking about these EAT signs in my etsy shop.
So…… I made 3 more and they are ready to ship.
They are probably the last ones I will ever make.
I've made 5,000 dozens of them and I might go a little insane if I have to make them again :)
Get em while you can!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

~thrifty thursday~{make Easter candy out of what?}

The kids have been on Spring break this week, and since we aren't vacationing, we have been trying to make the most out of everyday doing something fun, or going somewhere fun.

So, naturally I got the kids involved for this weeks thrifty Thursday project.
It's a fun project you can do on your own, or with your kids, and it's perfect for Easter.

Here is how you can make lollipops out of shower curtain rings from the dollar store!
These come in a 12 pack and each recipe makes approx 20 lollipops.

 You will also need:
lollipop sticks {or Popsicle sticks}
a candy thermometer
parchment paper
Pam cooking spray
food coloring.
Between the grocery store and the craft store you can find these items.
Spray the inside of each curtain ring
with Pam cooking spray.
 Line a baking sheet with parchment paper then lay out 20 curtain rings.
You may need 2 baking sheets.
Place a Popsicle stick in each one.
 Carefully measure out in a saucepan~

2 cups white sugar
2/3 cup corn syrup
70 mL of water

Attach your thermometer making sure it is not hitting the bottom of the pan, and stir.
Turn on high.
 Stir, stir, stir constantly until it reaches a rolling boil.
Then stop stirring and watch carefully until it reaches 300 degrees F.
 Remove from heat once it reaches 300 degrees F. and stir in both packages of flavoring as well as food coloring if you wish.
We used violet food coloring and watermelon flavoring.
 Once removed from the heat this mixture hardens quite fast, so working quickly, pour into your curtain rings. Let set until hard~a few hours, or longer.
The curtain rings will come off easily when they are hardened.
Tie a ribbon around each lollipop. 
You can wrap them up in cute paper
{or saran wrap works too}
or just eat them right away!

{If you wish, before pouring into the molds, you can add candy or sprinkles}
Your house will smell like a candy factory.
I bet you never thought about using curtain rings to make lollipops before huh?
Sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

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